Day: March 14, 2021

Security Gates Melbourne

security gates melbourne

Security Gates Melbourne is specialist security fencing providers, offering a comprehensive range of high security gates to meet the security needs of the ever increasing retail property market in Australia. With a well established presence on the Australian property market Security Gates Melbourne is able to offer its clients tailored security solutions that are designed to suit all applications and budgets. Our company is committed to delivering only the highest quality security gate products to our customers across all industry sectors including construction, retail, education and government sector. Our range of gate products include residential gates, commercial doors and associated components, with many of them being available for customisation to meet the specific security requirements of individual businesses or properties.


We design all our security gates with a focus on security, safety and reliability. We pride ourselves on our ability to build and deliver the highest quality security related products to meet all the security and safety objectives. All our products have been designed to be compliant with the current Australian Post Office (APO) regulations for the safe installation of a security gate in a commercial property. We continually monitor the security industry to ensure that our product ranges remain compliant so that our customers can fully utilize our products to meet their security needs. Our goal is to continuously improve our products for our customer’s continued satisfaction and to continually be a leader in security-related innovation and production.


We also offer door contacts, key pads, magnetic keypad systems, security cameras, closed circuit video cameras and security gates to meet the security related needs of property owners. For over 20 years we have been innovating in security related gates and our expertise allows us to offer a full range of security related products. Our goal is to make security easier to maintain for our customers through improved technology and security engineering. In order to ensure that we meet the most stringent quality standards in security gate design and production we have an extensive set of industry leading quality control and manufacturing facilities. This combined with our dedication to continuing education ensures that we manufacture security gates that meet and exceed the highest standards and that we have a long list of satisfied customers that are actively involved in choosing and using our products.