Blueetti AC200 Max Review

Blueetti AC200 Max Review

bluetti ac200 max

The bluetti ac200 max is the latest in the company’s line of portable power stations. It has a higher continuous load of 2200W, a LiFePO4 battery, an app and the option to expand with additional batteries.

The AC200 Max has a very nice display screen, which is great for displaying lots of information. The display is a resistive LCD touch-screen, which is much better than the squishy buttons on many other solar power stations. URL bluetti ac200 max price |

It has a 2048 Wh battery, which is more than enough to run an emergency backup fridge, lights and fan and can even be used to charge devices via the USB-C port. Its inverter is also very capable, putting out 2200W of continuous power and handling surges of up to 4800W.

Bluetti AC200 Max: The Ultimate Portable Power Station for Off-Grid Living

You can connect a maximum of 900W of solar input to the AC200 Max, or use the supplied mains adapter to boost the total charging rate to 1400W. With the two, you can charge the battery up to full in less than two hours.

This is the most flexible system on the market, especially with its LiFePO4 batteries. The unit can be attached to a home switch for automatic backup, then detached when you want to take it on the road.

The unit is a little heavy, at around 30kg, and has two large carry handles built into the body. Its dimensions are 16.5 inches wide, 11 inches deep and 15.2 inches high.

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