Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Canada

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Canada

If you’re planning to travel to Canada from another country, you’ll need an eTA. You can apply for one online or by phone. An eTA can be a great alternative to a visa or bezoekersvisum. You can even use it to visit a Canadian schip and luchthaven.

Obtaining an eTA is simple and can take as little as five minutes to complete. Some applications may take a few days to process, however. To apply, you must have a passport and credit card, and a valid email address. Once you’ve applied for an eTA, you should be able to receive your travel documents within a few days. Source : https://etacanada.co.uk/

Your eTA will link to your passport. If you lose your passport or need to get another one in case of an emergency, you must apply for a new one. An eTA is only valid for a period of six months or until the specified date. You’ll need to extend it if you need to travel abroad for a longer period of time.

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