Garage Door Repair Basics

Garage Door Repair Basics

Garage doors protect your belongings and provide a gateway to your home. They’re a significant investment and, if not kept in good repair, can cause costly problems that require a professional to fix.

Routine maintenance costs shouldn’t vary too much from one garage door repair type to another, but repairs can cost more on expensive models. A new track, for example, can cost up to $200, while a replacement motor can run $500 or more. If your garage door isn’t working, check the power supply to make sure it’s plugged in and that the batteries are fresh. If the problem is more serious, such as a burned-out motor, a snapped chain or a broken spring, call a professional for assistance.

he Mechanism Unveiled: A Look into Common Garage Door Repair Issues

Noisy garage doors are often a sign that the hinges and rollers need to be repaired or replaced. Lubricating the rollers will help reduce friction, and it’s a good idea to replace them periodically as they wear out. The hinges also should be serviced regularly, and the photo eyes — sensors on each side of the door used to detect obstacles and prevent the door from closing down on objects — should be checked to ensure they are working properly.

Spring repairs are among the most common, because both extension and torsion springs inevitably wear out over time. These springs are responsible for lifting the door’s weight, and they can break if the door is forced down or opened too forcefully. Depending on the model, most springs have an estimated lifespan and a number of cycles they can withstand before breaking.

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