How Heavy Duty Roller Wheels Are Made

How Heavy Duty Roller Wheels Are Made

If you need wheels that have a high weight capacity, look no further than heavy duty roller wheels industrial roller wheels. These wheels are used in many different applications, including industrial robots, construction equipment, and heavy equipment. Their superior strength and durability allow them to withstand a wide range of conditions. They are made with an extra-thick gray rubber tread, which is chemically bonded to an aluminum core. This allows them to move more smoothly and quietly over rough surfaces, while still providing exceptional floor protection.

What are the different types of caster?

Glass-filled nylon wheels are also available. These wheels are resistant to impact damage and are quieter than comparable steel wheels. They are also spark-proof and oil and grease-resistant. They can operate in various conditions, including extreme heat and cold. These wheels can withstand temperature ranges of up to 550degF.

The next step in manufacturing industrial wheels involves the extrusion of the material used for the wheel. Caster wheels require nylon inserts. These nylon inserts are then placed into an injection molding press. Injection molding melts the neoprene rubber, forming a durable wheel. The rubber edge helps absorb shock and noise. In addition, it prevents the wheels from damaging the floor.

Larger wheels require a different type of molding press, but the process is the same. The wheels are then placed on a cooling rack, which is a two-hour process.

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