How to Detect Bad Bots

How to Detect Bad Bots

detect bad bots

The myriad of good bots bouncing around the Internet can be a blessing, helping with things like search engine crawlers and content aggregator tools. However, they are far outnumbered by bad bots that are capable of causing serious damage if left unchecked. From milder offenses of metrics inflating, resource taking, and consuming bandwidth to full-fledged DDoS attacks on infrastructure and theft of sensitive data, there’s no doubt that these bots can severely impact the performance of web resources for organizations, both large and small.

Detect bad bots  is no longer limited to assessing the user agent information included in each request, as these have become more sophisticated over time to evade detection methods. A dedicated bot management solution is required that looks at trillions of data signals in real time, to identify the hardware and software used to connect to your website or application, as well as a host of other behavioral indicators.

Spotting the Villains: How to Detect and Block Bad Bots on Your Website

In addition, a robust bot detection solution is capable of identifying traffic spikes on your site as a result of bot activity. This can help you reduce your IT costs, protect your user experience (UX), and prevent revenue loss caused by slowdowns or even site outages due to sudden bursts of bot traffic. A specialized bot detection tool can do all this and more without the need for expensive human labor working around the clock to filter out the traffic. This enables your team to focus on preventing the more severe attacks that are increasingly threatening businesses of all sizes.

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