How to Get a Pay As You Go SIM Card for Canada

How to Get a Pay As You Go SIM Card for Canada

Using a local pay as you go sim card Canada  is essential for staying in touch with your loved ones back home. It also helps you avoid roaming charges as you’ll be paying for the local network usage instead of your own. Whether you’re planning to visit Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto, there are many ways to stay connected in this beautiful country.

The first option is to buy a Canadian pay as you go sim card upon your arrival. You can do so either at the airport, at a local phone store or online. This is usually the most expensive option as you’ll need to exchange your UK mobile number for a local one (+1). You can also purchase a prepaid sim card from a local network operator on arrival in Canada. This option will give you a local number starting with +1 and you can choose from a variety of prepaid plans that vary in price and data allowance.

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You can find out more about prepaid options in Canada by visiting the websites of the three main providers: Bell, Telus and Rogers. You can also check their coverage maps to see which offers the best coverage in your travel destinations.

If you prefer a hassle-free way of getting a SIM card for Canada, consider an eSIM. These can be purchased at virtual stores like Holafly before you arrive in the country. These are compatible with most smartphones that support embedded SIM technology and will work automatically after your arrival in Canada.

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