Mens Tailored Shirts

Mens Tailored Shirts

mens tailored shirts uk

The tailored fit sits between slim and classic fits, offering a flattering fit in the chest and arms while gently tapering towards the waist. Crafted with the finest cotton and finished to a luxurious silk touch finish, our mens tailored shirts are a sartorial staple.

Unlike suit jackets and trousers, which are altered on site, dress shirts are best purchased in the right fit from the outset. Alterations are costly and not to mention time consuming, so it is best to invest in a high quality, off-the-rack shirt with the right fit from the outset. Find out tailored fit shirts uk –

British Elegance: Embracing Tailored Fit Shirts for Men in the UK

This polished style offers a range of unique textures, prints and colors to create a polished look for business or casual attire. You can also opt for contrasting stitching, collar undersides and cuff linings to add a personal touch.

Founded in 2013, self-described family brand Faherty prides itself on great quality and legendary comfort. The brand’s shirts are a go-to for weekend shirts, or creative types in more casual work environments, says Natalie Tincher, founder and principal stylist at BU Style. Ben Twaits, male lead stylist at Wardrobe Therapy, is another fan of the brand’s European-style shirts for their quality and sleek sophistication.

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