Things to Do in New Hope, PA

Things to Do in New Hope, PA

It’s summer time in Pennsylvania, and if you’re looking for exciting places to go and things to do in New Hope, PA there are a lot of great things to do in this gorgeous town. New Hope is a beautiful, bustling town that is located in Susquehanna County, on the banks of the scenic Potomac River. New Hope, PA is a popular summer destination because it offers wonderful scenery, as well as the chance to visit some unique sites, such as Lackawah Island and its Historic Boardwalk, and then head back to the car for a relaxing evening at home. One of the best things to do in New Hope, PA is to take a day trip to the beautiful Adirondack Resort, which is only about a mile away from New Hope itself. This amazing resort has four miles of beach and offers everything from swimming to fishing, as well as cabins, condos, private clubs, and luxurious cabins with their own hot tubs and huge decks to enjoy the beautiful outdoors on. See this –

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New Hope also boasts a lot of great shops and local restaurants. There are many great places in town to grab a bite to eat, and even though there are not a lot of night clubs or live bands, the music will keep you happy, and things to do in New Hope, PA is an open-minded community, so you can always find something to do at night. For year-round outdoor activities, New Hope is also home to Amish Country, where they produce everything from jewelry to furniture to clothes and home decor items. For more serene times, try the local library, which offers trips to the library’s historical homes, tours of the grounds, and educational programs for children.

New Hope, PA is a popular town for people who like the outdoors, and is a perfect place to take a vacation. There is a lot of beautiful land to explore, and a variety of wildlife to see. If you plan to go hiking, check out the numerous trails around the town. Check out the beautiful woods surrounding the area. If you are more into enjoying the convenience of the big city, you will love all of the shopping that is available in town.

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