Tough As Tack

Tough As Tack

iveco daily 4x4

The Iveco Daily 4×4 is probably one of the first vehicles to try out the new range of Vauxhall tyres which is set to revolutionise the way we drive. It has been nicknamed “The Beast” due to its four-wheel drive ability, but that’s just what it is. It’s childlike, knows, but there is a certain satisfaction in driving in IVECO`s Daily 4×4 with tyres that feel like toughened boots on ice. This is particularly true of the aggressive style tyres which are four rows of tough, puncture resistant tyres surrounded by a tough, bright red inner tube and a clever, easy-to-read graphic panel. At the back of the tyre there is a clever air release system which can be manually engaged or disengaged depending on your preferences.

How To Handle Every Iveco Daily 4×4 Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

The Iveco Daily 4×4 is suitable for both the front and rear seats of the ute. Four people can easily drive this off the forecourt of a golf course and into some muddy, wet grounds and get an Adrenalin buzz, whilst watching the world go by. The rear passengers have to fit themselves in through a couple of small holes in the tailgate, and then the tyres can be secured and locked in place for the test drive. The rugged tyres are suitable for all weather and are recommended for use on the open road, with some good built in snow and ice resistance on very wet roads. Being a daily vehicle, the Daily 4×4 will be used around town, on country roads and in wetland areas, making it one of the best daily drivers a family could get.

The Daily 4×4 is built to last with some seriously tough materials including tough carbon fiber body panels and tough steel front and rear suspensions. With all the options on offer, it’s easy to see why the Iveco Daily 4×4 could be considered as one of the most popular off-road trucks in the world. Four wheel drive is not for everyone though, so if you’re not the keen driver that you might think, check out our other range of off road vehicles, which are equally rugged. These four wheel drives have been designed with everyday drivers in mind, with plenty of room and comfort for two people in the front and two in the back, with a selection of different sized tyres that can be fitted for either the front or back of the pickup truck. All of the accessories and options are fully removable so there is no danger of getting something caught up in the exhaust system or something of this nature.

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