What You Should Know About Large Caster Wheels

What You Should Know About Large Caster Wheels

large caster wheels

Large caster wheels are a common feature of industrial carts and equipment that requires mobility. These wheels are simple to use and make moving big equipment easier. They can also be found in aircraft engine stands, where they allow technicians to work on and lock their equipment in place.

The best type of large caster wheels for your needs will depend on the item they will be mounted to and the environment in which it will be used. The first thing to consider is the overall load capacity of the casters.

Casters are made from a variety of materials and each has different properties. Some materials, such as metal, are very durable and can withstand high temperatures. These are good for applications that require extreme heat.

Large Caster Wheels: How to Choose the Right Ones for Heavy Equipment and Machinery

Some other materials that are commonly used in the manufacture of casters include soft rubber and polyurethane. These materials are gentle on floors and will not leave scratches.

Another option is hard rubber casters, which are long-lasting, easy to start, and resistant to chemicals, oils, grease, solvents, cleaning agents, and other liquids. They are non-marking and operate on a wide range of floor types including carpet, linoleum, asphalt, terrazzo, wood, and smooth steel.

Casters can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are often used to support furniture and other equipment. They can be either rigid or swivel, with load capacities ranging from 750 to 2400 pounds per caster. Some are designed with a kingpin in the swivel, while others have a double row ball bearing for smooth turning.

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